Tired of the Turmoil

Sometimes life is like a lazy river, drifting by peacefully. And other times it’s like the rapids with the turbulence sending you first one way and then another. This fall has been the rapids, and I’m ready for some calm waters.

I’ve seen a lot of elections – remember I’m a member of the slide rule generation – but I’ve never witnessed anything like this one, and I hope I never do again. In the past, my friends and I would talk about the candidates, argue for our choices, debate the policies each party touted, and have a good time doing it. Not this time. This year I’m afraid to find out who my friends may be supporting. I’m afraid I’ll see them differently  I don’t even know who my relatives are voting for, and I don’t want to know. And my friends and family must feel the same way as no one’s asking me who I’m voting for or what I think. That’s sad, and a little bit scary.

The campaigns and all the surrounding controversies have become all-consuming. Inboxes overflow with dramatic appeals for donations and over the top condemnations of the opposing side. This election has been deemed entertaining and engaging by a lot of the media, but I’ve got another word for it – unsettling,

Personally I’ll just be glad when it’s over, when I no longer cringe whenever the commercials start on TV. I record everything I want to see on TV and watch it later, including the news, just so I won’t have to sit through the political ads. I’m not even answering my phone these days unless I know who’s on the other end. I don’t want to hear anything else either party has to say.

I’ve “unsubscribed” to everyone who’s been flooding my inbox with doom and gloom political e-mails. I’m shredding political mailings without reading the first word. At this point the campaigns are wasting their time and money on me. I’ve already voted. I’m done.

Time for me to get out of this turbulence. Time to head back to Terah.


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The Warrior Elf is Now Available

As of this morning, The Warrior Elf is live, but not linked to my author page or the rest of the series. Hopefully everything will be set up by this weekend. In the meantime, the link I provided should take you to the book.

I’m really going to get paranoid about saying anything concerning a publication time frame. Things had gone fairly smoothly until I announced in June that I hoped to have it out later in the summer. That’s when things started going screwy. Technology is great, except when it isn’t. Anyway, I guess you could say we made it, but August 30 is really pushing the “end of summer” idea.

As with The Fourteenth Key, there’s a character list at the front of the book, as well as maps of Terah, Calandra, and Camden. Hope you enjoy it.



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The Warrior Elf


I’m pleased to say The Warrior Elf  is now in editing. I don’t know when it’ll be released yet, but it should be ready later this summer if nothing major happens.

I haven’t written the blurb yet, but I will tell you that, as the name implies, Rhianna plays a major role in this one.

If you’d like to be notified when it’s published, let me know  at mcknzmorgan@gmail.com and I’ll send you an e-mail when it’s available. This won’t put you on a newsletter list or anything like that. The only time you’ll hear from me will be when the book’s published.

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Covenant College Series by Amanda Lee

I had planned to spend this past weekend writing. I’m getting near the end of the fourth book and I wanted to see if I could get the first draft finished before the end of the month. I really did have good intentions. Then, Friday night, on the way to bed, I picked up my Kindle. The next book on my list was Amanda Lee’s Awakening. I like the Midwest Witches series, so I thought I’d give this one a try even though vampires and werewolves aren’t really my thing.

Big mistake. I don’t know why but the books in the Covenant College series turned out to be quite addictive. I read all weekend. I’ve finished four of them, only one more to go. I keep telling myself I’m going to put them down and get back to writing, just as soon as Zoe gets through this bit. And so it’s gone, all weekend long.

With a bit of luck, I’ll get the last one read today and be able to get back to writing, but my plans to finish the rough draft by the end of the month may have just gone down the drain. Normally I would thank an author for a series that grabbed me like that, but I have to admit, I wish I’d waited until my book was done before picking it up.

If you haven’t read the Covenant College series, and you’re looking for an escape, give it a try. But if you have anything on your agenda that you really need to handle, you might want to save it until after the work’s done. Wish I had.

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Google is a Voter’s Best Friend

I’ve heard quite a few people say they don’t know who to vote for, who to believe, and if you take voting seriously, that’s a very real problem. Most of what comes out of a candidate’s mouth during speeches and debates is what their polls have shown their target voters want to hear, and it changes depending on their audience. So how do you know what they really think, what they really believe?

These candidates have been around for a while, some in politics, some not, but all have been in the public eye at some point or they wouldn’t have had enough support to run for office. Figure out what you care about, what matters to you, and then start searching Google. Find out what they said before the campaign ever started, back when they had no agenda to fill. Look at their actions and see if what they did backs up what they’re saying now.

Democracy works, but only if the voters take the time to make informed decisions. It’s easier today than it has ever been, because Google remembers everything. You don’t have to comb the archives in the library to find out who did what ten years ago. Just ask Google.



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The Chronicles of Terah on Sale

Starting Wednesday, January 6, I’m going to have all three books in The Chronicles of Terah series on sale for $0.99 each at Amazon. They’ll only be that price for about a week, so if you’ve been thinking about getting any of them, now’s the time to do it.

The Master’s Chair

The Dragon’s Flame

The Fourteenth Key


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Countdown Deal on The Fourteenth Key

This is the first time I’ve taken advantage of the Countdown Deal Amazon offers on books in the Unlimited program. From Sunday morning, Sept 13, through Saturday evening, Sept. 20, The Fourteenth Key will be on sale in the US and UK stores. (Unfortunately the Countdown Deal isn’t offered in any of the other outlets. )

The Fourteenth Key is also available for free through the Kindle Unlimited program and will continue to be free to anyone enrolled in that program during the sale.

Hope you enjoy it.

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