The Fourteenth Key for $0.99


The third book in The Chronicles of Terah series, The Fourteenth Key, will be on sale for $0.99 from Sunday, Jan 14 – Saturday, Jan 21. It will go back to its regular price of $3.99 Sunday, Jan. 22.

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6 Responses to The Fourteenth Key for $0.99

  1. shared and tweeted, hope it helps sales and exposure

  2. Have you considered running an Amazon Giveaway? Maybe give away a handful or two of each book, with the hope of reviews? Or getting acquainted with one of the various Lit groups currently lurking on Facebook in order to increase the social media presence of your series? I’m not sure which one if any would be a good fit for you, but I’ve seen several from time to time.

    And I know giveaways aren’t a guarantee of reviews but if you set the giveaways up as entries with a one week later draw instead of instead win chance, you could put the advert for the giveaway out there, well everywhere, and hopefully draw more people in.

    I know groups like the Pen and Cape Society or LitRPG group do a lot for getting an authors work noticed by the fields they represent, although neither is a match for what you’re producing. Presumably there are many groups that manage fantasy genres.

    • mcknzmorgan says:

      That’s a good suggestion. I haven’t checked on Amazon’s marketing services. I’ll check them out. Thanks.

      I’m not on Facebook so I’m not familiar with any groups on there. I might check into that, too.

      Again, thanks for your suggestions. I really do appreciate your taking the time and effort to make them.

    • mcknzmorgan says:

      I did check on the giveaway option, but as I have very little presence on social media, I don’t think it’ll work very well for me. But while I was looking at that, I explored some of Amazon’s other marketing strategies. I’ve decided to give one of those a try and see how it goes. I probably wouldn’t have even looked at any of those if it hadn’t been for your comment, so, once again, thank you.

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