Google is a Voter’s Best Friend

I’ve heard quite a few people say they don’t know who to vote for, who to believe, and if you take voting seriously, that’s a very real problem. Most of what comes out of a candidate’s mouth during speeches and debates is what their polls have shown their target voters want to hear, and it changes depending on their audience. So how do you know what they really think, what they really believe?

These candidates have been around for a while, some in politics, some not, but all have been in the public eye at some point or they wouldn’t have had enough support to run for office. Figure out what you care about, what matters to you, and then start searching Google. Find out what they said before the campaign ever started, back when they had no agenda to fill. Look at their actions and see if what they did backs up what they’re saying now.

Democracy works, but only if the voters take the time to make informed decisions. It’s easier today than it has ever been, because Google remembers everything. You don’t have to comb the archives in the library to find out who did what ten years ago. Just ask Google.



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