New Bundles at DriveThru Fiction – Perfect Reading for Long Winter Evenings

If you enjoy science fiction, fantasy, or horror, you really should take a look at four new bundles that are being offered at DriveThru Fiction. Two of the bundles are nothing but fantasy and the other two are a mix of science fiction and horror.

The first fantasy bundle is Holiday Frosty Fantasy Pack. It’s a collection of five novels by five different authors. Sold separately, they would cost $18.95, but the bundle’s selling for $5.95, a $13 savings. Nice bargain. The other fantasy bundle is Winter Break Fantasy Pack. There are six novels in this one, all by different authors, and this one’s free. Individually, the books would cost you $9.95.  Not quite as much savings as the Holiday Frosty Fantasy Pack, but who can argue with free?

The science fiction packs are Snowbound Reading Science Fiction and Horror Collection and Winter Break Sci-Fi and Horror Pack. The first bundle, the Snowbound Reading Collection, is a collection of nine books by five authors. The regular price for these 9 books is $15,95, but the pack is being sold for $6.48, a savings of $9.47. The last pack, the Winter Break Pack, is free. There are five books in this one, all by different authors.  The savings on this one is $4.98, again not quite as much savings as the other one, but that’s only because a couple of the books were free to start with.

These bundles are December specials, and won’t be available after the year ends, so if you’re interested in them, you should check them out soon. If you were to pick up all four bundles, you’d get 25 books for a total of $12.43, right at fifty cents a book. And that’s a really good deal.

Happy shopping!

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