It’s the Little Ones! (And an Update)

I was reading a post on The Bloggess yesterday about wishes. By the way, if you’ve never been to Jenny Lawson’s blog, you really should check it out. It’s not for the easily offended but it’s worth your time if you’d like a laugh. A friend recommended it to me not long ago when I’d had a particularly rough day. The first post I read was “I screamed “ME TOO” at more than half of these.” And then I read a few more of her posts, and I was hooked. But I digress.

Anyway, yesterday, before heading out to do a lot of yard work, which I really detest, I clicked on her blog. After reading about her recent surgery, I found “If wishes were horses…” and spent the next half hour reading some of the comments. Some made me laugh, some brought tears to my eyes, and some struck really close to home.

That post stayed with me while I was trimming bushes, pulling weeds, and weed eating. And as I worked, I started thinking about what I would wish for – not the big wishes like an end to war, an end to cancer, etc, but little wishes, personal wishes.  And I realized that what I really wish is that people would keep their promises, the little ones, not the big ones like “I promise to love you forever,” or “Just invest your money with me and I’ll see to it that you’re secure for the rest of your life.” I’m talking about the little promises, like “I’ll get to it next week,” when you call a gardener to make arrangements to have your bushes trimmed, flower beds cared for, and weed eating done. Yes, that was what the person I called a week and a half ago told me. And he was a no-show. So I was outside doing it myself instead of doing the other things that I had planned to do yesterday.

Like I said, the little promises. Things like “your dry cleaning will be ready Friday,” and it isn’t. “The repairman will be there within the hour,” and you’re still waiting five hours later. “I’ll get that light bulb changed before it gets dark.” “I’ll pick it up on the way home.” “I’ll do it in a minute.” I’m sure each one of you could add a dozen more to the list. These are the broken promises that raise your blood pressure, make you want to hit something, and destroy your faith in people.

Unfortunately, I’ve made one of those promises myself. And it’s one that’s probably going to be broken. I said I’d try to have the third book of The Chronicles of Terah out by late fall or early next winter. Things haven’t gone as I’d hoped, and I’m beginning to think I was too optimistic in my estimate of when I could have it ready for publishing.

My mother has to have one more surgery before she can become even semi-independent. It was originally scheduled for early January, and that’s what I was counting on when I made that promise. That surgery hasn’t happened yet. My mother is in her late 80’s, and although she doesn’t have a whole lot of health issues, she does have a few, and the doctors have to wait until everything is in the best possible shape so she’ll have optimal chances for a full recovery. So now we’re hoping for a September surgery date, followed by probably 2 months of recuperation, if not more. And my time is going to be tied up until she’s fully recovered.

So, I’m really sorry that the book is going to be delayed even more, but some things are really beyond our control. I’m not going to speculate on a publishing date any more.  All I can say at this point is that I do intend to publish a third book, and I’ll get to it as soon as I can. And, once again, I do apologize for the delay.

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