Update on Book 3 of The Chronicles of Terah

I’ve received quite a few e-mails concerning the release date for the third book in The Chronicles of Terah.  As some of you know, I’ve had to shelve my writing for a little over a year so that I could take on the responsibility of care-giver for my parents. Things have lightened up a little along that line, so I’m hoping to begin writing again by the beginning of January. However, I’m not a fast writer, and I’ve an even slower re-writer, so it’s going to take a while, but with a lot of luck, I hope to be ready to publish the third book around this time next year.

I’m sorry about the delay. I know how frustrating it can be to wait for the next book in a series, but some things are beyond our control. Thanks for all the support so many of you have shown over the past year.  Your e-mails have meant a lot, probably more than you realize.

I’ll try to keep you up-to-date as the book progresses from rough draft to editing and finally to finished product. If you’d like e-mail notification when it’s available, please let me know. My e-mail address is mcknzmorgan@gmail.com

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2 Responses to Update on Book 3 of The Chronicles of Terah

  1. Stephanie says:

    Any news on the progress of book 3 In the Chronicles of Terah? I have really enjoyed the first 2 books and am really looking forward to the third!

    • mcknzmorgan says:

      I’m still taking care of my mother, so I have very little time for writintg. I wish I could give you a projected publication date, but every time I think things are settling down enough for me to devote a little more time to the book, something happens to throw a monkey wrench in my plans. Right now the best I can say is that I’m about a fourth of the way through the first draft, but it’s a long way from being ready to talk about publication.

      If you’d like for me to let you know when it’s available, just send me an e-mail at mcknzmorgan@gmail.com. Customers at Amazon.com can also sign up for e-mail notification on the author page.

      Thank you for your interest in The Chronicles of Terah, and I do apologize for the delay in publishing the rest of the series. I know how frustrating it is to have to wait for the next book to come out. If I could have foreseen the future, I wouldn’t have published any of them until they were all written.

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