Everyone Needs a Guardian Angel, Even a Guardian Angel

Grace wants her wings, and she figures the quickest way to get them is to prove herself in the field. She’s supposed to have three more years of training before she begins her career as a Guardian Angel, but patience isn’t Grace’s strong suit. So she asks to be allowed to skip the next three years and move on to the next step – an assignment on Earth.

Grace’s mission is to help Tara, a teenage girl. The one thing Grace didn’t expect was to be back in school, and even though the classes are different, homework is homework. On top of that, they sent her to Earth with a bunch of manuals to study about being a Guardian Angel. But there’s a upside too. Shortly after Grace arrives on Earth, she discovers that she has some rather special powers, but although her heart’s in the right place, there’s this pesky little thing called repercussions.

Join Grace as she stumbles her way through her first mission and tries to make sense out of life on Earth. It’s definitely a trip worth taking.  And for an added feature, read the interview Grace did with the author, Shel Delisle.


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One Response to Everyone Needs a Guardian Angel, Even a Guardian Angel

  1. Shel Delisle says:

    Thanks so much for the write up, MacKenzie!

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