Sometimes You Just Need a Little Fun

We’ve had a rough year. Not just in the US, but pretty much all over the globe. Between natural disasters and man-made ones, including wars, things have been tough everywhere. Every time you open a newspaper, click on the internet, or turn on the TV, you hear or read of another catastrophe somewhere. All that bad news can really get you down. Sometimes you just need something light, something fun, to balance it all out.

As I was getting things ready for Irene’s visit last week, one of the things I did was make sure my Kindle was fully charged. I’ve lived in the Piedmont of North Carolina all my life, and although we seldom get the full brunt of passing hurricanes, power outages are pretty much a given whenever one visits the state. I checked the list of books in my “to be read” list as well as those in the “already read” folder. I wanted to be sure that I had something light and fun to read while I sweated in the dark.

Right there, in my “already read” folder was the perfect book. I read it last spring and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was exactly the type of diversion I was looking for: My Sparkling Misfortune by Laura Lond and Alla Alekseyeva, and it was worth reading again. I was ready.

As it happened, I was lucky. I lost a few small tree limbs, but I didn’t lose electricity. I was not left reading in the dark, but I know a lot of you were, and probably still are. And if you’re still sitting in the dark waiting for the power to return, you probably aren’t reading my blog, so I guess I should say that this is for the next time something bad comes your way.

Prepare your emergency kit like they keep suggesting on the Weather Channel, get in a week’s worth of food for your family and pets, and charge up that Kindle, Nook, or I-Pad. And make sure you have something that will take your mind off all of the bad stuff. Stock up on chocolate and fun books. It can make waiting for things to get sorted out a lot less stressful.

Oh, and I do have a couple of questions for Laura and Alla. First, where can I get a Sparkling? I need one – badly. And as for my other question, is there a sequel in the works? I hope so.

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2 Responses to Sometimes You Just Need a Little Fun

  1. Laura Lond says:

    Thank you for mentioning my book! You’ve even re-read it – wow! That’s music to a writer’s ear. 🙂

    To answer the questions – I could use a Sparkling myself… Alas, they are not easily caught, as you know from the book. As to the sequel, yes! It should come out some time in October. The title is My Royal Pain Quest.

  2. mcknzmorgan says:

    I was really hoping that you might have a little influence with the Sparklings. Oh well, back to hunting for one. Meanwhile, I’m really excited that the sequel will be coming out soon. I’m looking forward to reading My Royal Pain Quest.

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